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Historic Cemetery Programs

Historic cemeteries provide wonderful opportunities to study and honor our ancestors and our communities. These memorials to past generations can tell us about settlement patterns, family relationships, religion, lifestyles and craftsmanship. Whether a cemetery is well preserved or endangered, the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) encourages their preservation for future generations.

A list of cemeteries in the Historic Cemetery Register is available alphabetically by county. 

The Alabama Historical Commission's cemetery program provides assistance in identifying, documenting, registering, and protecting Alabama's historic cemeteries. Through the cemetery program, the Alabama Historical Commission:

  • Provides official historic designation for cemeteries through the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register
  • Assists those interested in purchasing a historical marker or plaques for cemeteries
  • Makes information on Alabamas cemeteries laws available
  • Informs the public about general cemetery preservation guidelines
  • Issues permits for substantial work - including, but not limited to the relocation of human remains in cemeteries at least 75 years old

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For more information, please contact Hannah J. Garmon, Historic Preservation Specialist, at (334)230-2644 or


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