Alabama Historical Commission, Alabama SHPO

Technical Assistance Program

Our goal is to explore Alabama's prehistory and history and interpret it for the Alabama taxpayers.  
The archaeology program at the AHC provides technical assistance primarily to the Historic Sites owned by the AHC.  Depending on the availability of time and funds we can also provide limited survey and excavation of sites owned by other public institutions or by private individuals.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can the AHC archaeologists do the archaeological survey or excavation that is required by a Federal Agency or its state representative (the 106 process)?
NO.  The archaeologists at the AHC also work for the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) and review the reports from surveys and excavations generated by section 106 in the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (as amended).  It would be a conflict of interest if we both did section 106 archaeology and reviewed 106 reports for quality.  
Can the AHC archaeologists determine the value of my collection of artifacts?
We do not do evaluations of artifacts for sale in the antiquities trade. Professional ethics do not allow archaeologists to buy and sell artifacts. We can, however, make a non-monetary estimate of the scientific value of a collection.  
Can the AHC archaeologists save a site that is on private land and is endangered by development?
This is a rare event.  The AHC archaeologists will try to investigate and record endangered sites, but the AHC rarely purchases sites or funds full excavations.  Other organizations such as the Archaeological Conservancy can sometimes purchase a site.  Archaeology almost never halts a project, particularly if it is on private land.


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